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Not All Communitites Are Created Equal

There are tons of places you can go to “meet” other YouTubers and get free advice

But you get what you pay for

The Pro Channel Manager community is a vibrant and super smart “Union” of some of YouTube’s greatest minds

No more free groups full of beginners or “gurus” giving out watered down, second-hand advice
With the Pro Channel Manager community’s unique level of expertise, any question you may have will be answered by world class experts who have achieved what you want to achieve and have evidence to back up their answers

YouTube can be a lonely place but it doesn't have to be

Our community platform and private VIP Facebook group is designed to give you maximum accountability so that all excuses and motivational barriers are removed from your progress.
And it’s fun and friendly. 
Share your wins, your losses and the inevitable crazy swings that come with YouTube life but do it with people that get it and get you
No bad eggs.
Yes, we vet everyone that joins, not only so we don’t have anyone that doesn’t play nice but so that the discussions stay focused and on-topic and so you can trust the opinions and advice of your fellow Pro Channel Managers.

"...the community is the extra bonus I really needed. Being able to talk directly to others who are optimizing and building their YouTube channels was crucial for my growth"
Matt Giovanisci - Swim University, MoneyLab
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But it's not all talk...'s more. So much more.

Expert Training

Every month you'll get an expert lesson from a world class expert in all things YouTube.

We'll cover technical lessons on YouTube SEO and best practice, lead by head coach Tom Martin. We'll also bring in world class experts to teach you about production, distribution to other video platforms or how to better run your YouTube business to name just a few topics

Office Hours

Every month you'll have the opportunity to ask Tom for answers to the questions that matter to you now.

You'll also be able to meet, network with and tap into the incredible network of fellow Pros in the community to get more insight, feedback and opinion to what really matters to you.

163 MILLION Subscribers...

...and counting.

Yes, our existing members already have a combined subscriber count that would make it the most subscribed channel in the world!

With new Pro Channel Managers and expert YouTube Creators joining all the time we’re pretty sure you’ll be blown away by the people already thriving inside of Pro Channel Manager (some of which you will no doubt recognise)
Think you’re a good fit and that you can bring just as much as you take from our incredible community? 
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The Pro Channel Manager Community

Welcome to the world's first community dedicated to Pro YouTube Channel Managers.
This is your seat at YouTube's top table.

Your Insurance Policy Against YouTube

The only thing guaranteed to happen on YouTube is change.

Good or bad, it's going to happen and the only way to survive the changes is top be ahead of the curve.

Inside of our community you'll hear about new features, policy changes and hot off the press news before it even goes public.

Need Help with an issue - We got you covered

Looking for a contact at another company - our network is your network

Want to test a theory - get data-backed answers from some of the most well informed minds in the industry

Don't leave the success of your channels in the hands of YouTube's whims - be proactive and get the inside track today

"Pro Channel Manager is one of the most valuable communities for serious entrepreneurial creators in the online video space"
Carlos Pacheco - Certified YouTube Expert & Consultant
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Hey Pros

In the bellow comments, you'll find the upcoming dates and details of our monthly office hours calls and regular live training.

If the…
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Welcome to the Pro Channel Manager Community - your seat at YouTube's top table.

You've made a great decision to join our family and with…
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One of the reasons I started this community was to provide the accountability that is so vital for a channel manager (and their channels) to…
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Hi Guys

Just a reminder that tonight I'll be giving a live training (with q&a) about how to multiply your revenues from video without ever…
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Hey Fellow Pros!

This week I shot a keynote talk that will be streamed as part of a virtual conference in a few weeks.

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The Founders Plan

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$370 / year (save 17%)
Includes access to 1 product:
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And here's your host... Tom Martin

For the last 8 years Tom Martin has been running the YouTube channels of some of the world's largest media companies.

Tom has launched multiple channels that have now passed a million subscribers and taken existing channels and generated BILLIONS, (yes with a B) of views for the channels he's worked on.

All this to say Tom know his YouTube onions and has a network of some of the biggest, best and brightest YouTube channels and industry pros working today.

Tom will be around to both answer your questions as well as ask the difficult questions to keep you motivated. He'll also be able to facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities between members.

He's been there, done that and got the Play Buttons and he wants to help you do the same


I'm a YouTube beginner, is this community right for me?

As much as we welcome everyone, this community is designed for advanced discussions and concepts. There will be tonnes that a beginner can learn but there may be some things that don't seem relatable to your current point in your YouTube journey. 

Will I get direct access to Tom?

Yes! Absolutely.

Consulting with Tom can cost significant amounts, but he'll be around all the time in the VIP facebook group to answer quick questions.

He'll also be hosting monthly office hours calls where you can speak to him directly, ask questions and get personalised advice. He'll also be hosting some of the monthly expert trainings.

Can I get feedback on my Videos / Thumbnails / Titles etc?

That's what we're here for!

You'll be able to post for direct feedback on anything you want and get opinions from some of the world's smartest YouTube minds.

Will there be any accountability in the community?

100% - Accountability will be one of the cornerstones of the community.

You'll be able to start a monthly progress journal in order to track your goals and growth as well as making your plans and to-do lists public. 

No excuses, no hiding, your fellow pros will be supportive but firm.

Iron sharpens Iron

Do I need to be on Facebook to be in the community

You don't have to, but it will certainly help.

Although the monthly trainings and office hours will not be hosted on Facebook the daily conversation will take place in our VIP Facebook group.

It's worth it , trust us

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Thats right, if you take out an annual plan and you're not 1 billion percent sure that this community isn't for you, you can get your money back within 30 days - no questions asked
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