Channel Fuel - YouTube Accelerator by tom martin

Not Getting The Views You KNOW Your YouTube Videos Deserve?

You're Not Alone...

I've been there

You’re making awesome videos – of course you are -  but you’re not getting the views you expect and worse, your competitors, who are making videos that are nowhere near as good as yours, are ranking higher in search and are appearing more often in your suggested videos than you are.
Well, I’ve got some bad news… 
making awesome videos just isn’t enough any more 
and it’s the reason why YouTube isn’t showing you the love you deserve.

Well, luckily there's some good news too!

There is a way that you can influence YouTube beyond just making good videos and the even better news, it’s not that hard to do.
What if I told you there was a system, a foolproof way, of researching and structuring the titles, tags and descriptions of your videos to not only please and get clicks from your audience but to give YouTube what it needs in order to put you in front of that audience in the first place?
After all, what good is making a masterpiece if no one ever gets to see it?
Enter the Channel Fuel: YouTube Accelerator, the system that you need in order to make your videos reach their maximum potential

Take your channel to the next level with this proven system

The Channel Fuel: YouTube Accelerator will show you how to take a deep data-driven approach to running your YouTube Channel where we take out all of the guesswork and give you the exact tools and information to create the right content, for the right audience and optimize it the right way so that YouTube can’ help but promote you.

This course will teach you step-by-step how to:
  • Find the perfect niche for your channel
  • Become THE authority in your space
  • Outrank your competition for competitive search terms
  • Dominate the suggested video sidebar
  • Use the exact language of your target audience so that they're more likely to watch, engage & convert into subscribers & customers

What would 5X more monthly views mean to you and your business?

We’ve seen (and continue to see) this system transform the fortunes of YouTube channels and with just a couple days hard work (and it is work – there are no magic secrets or shortcuts promised here) you will have the power to turn your channel into a well-oiled view generating machine. 

"But I’m busy enough already making videos!"

We get that. We’re Creators too and we know our time is best spent making incredible videos that our audience loves.
But how about if we said you could get back 70% of the time you spend when uploading a video?
That’s right. Not only will this system make you a newly crowned YouTube SEO King (or Queen) but also it is so efficient that it turns your upload process from a “hit and hope” attempt at metadata, to a sure-fire “copy and paste” system that will save you a boat load of time and guarantees the consistency that YouTube demands.
We all know that time is money and this course is designed to save you (as well as make you) lots of it.
I know how efficient and effective it is because I developed it after years of doing it the wrong way. And now you’ll never have to do it the wrong way again – leave that to your competition

Take Action Today!

I GUARENTEE that your competition are not following this proven system and this is your chance to get 5 steps ahead. 

Here's more reasons to start today;
  • Get hands on help from your instructor Tom
  • Small class size so you get more of your questions answered
  • Lifetime updates
  • This course will never be this cheap again

The longer you take to act on this system the more views, subscriber and dollars you leave on the table

A Sound Investment

No matter how you look at it this is an investment that will repay itself in no time.

If someone offered to grow your monthly revenues by multiple factors - what would you pay for that? With this system that is possible

For Tom & his team to carry out this process on just a single channel would start at $3000 but you can learn the same exact process to use on as many of your own channels as you like as well as client channels

You'll also get Tom's expert advice, answering any questions you may have so that you can see your channels sky rocket after implementing this system. And the cost to get Tom's help, (if he has the time)? A minimum of $500 per hour - but you get his input thrown in for free!

"Tom was instrumental in us relaunching our Youtube channel... we've seen our monthly Youtube Revenue increase 600%"
Dustin Baier - /asweetpeachef

Channel Fuel - YouTube Accelerator

In our flagship course you'll learn how to carry out YouTube Keyword research and use it to create an incredible, three-tiered optimization system that has generated BILLIONS of YouTube views. 

Meet Your Instructor: Tom Martin

For the last 8 years Tom Martin has been running the YouTube channels of some of the world's largest media companies.

Tom has launched multiple channels that have now passed a million subscribers and taken existing channels and massively accelerated their growth. He grew the Top Gear channel from 750,000 subscribers to 3.5 million in just 12 months.

He's also turned around the fortunes of once great channels that had fallen on hard times like when he used this "accelerator" strategy to take the Mr Bean channel from 25 million monthly views to over 150 million in just 8 months.

His work has resulted in the exponential growth of AdSense revenue on all of these channels. 

In addition to this, Tom has worked with dozens of independent YouTube channels to implement strategies that have had massive impacts on the success of their channels.

Now - for the first time ever - Tom is sharing his complete YouTube research and optimization system with the public... 

How Does It Work?

The Channel Fuel: YouTube Accelerator is comprised of 15 videos, downloadable worksheets and direct feedback from Tom and your fellow students. 

The foundation of this course is a 5-part training for researching, analyzing and implementing Tom's complete YouTube optimization system.

Here's what our Alumni think...

Tom is an amazing teacher. He can not only help you find the right keywords but he will teach you how to use those words to raise the visibility of your entire channel.
Duke Fightmaster /fightmasteryoga
Tom’s course was exactly what I needed to create a workflow for the research that goes into maximising a YouTube video’s potential. It leaves no stone unturned. It teaches you how to approach video strategically and methodically.  
Tolis Dokianos - YouTube Strategist APEX Video Marketing
Shut up and take my money!

What's Included?

Module 1: Harvest

We begin the process by harvesting massive amounts of data for your niche. What is your audience searching for? What specific words and phrases are they using to find it? 

Module 2: Cleanse

A quick two-step process for taking all of that data and cleansing it. This allows us to remove all the dirt and find the "diamonds" that will form the backbone of our channel strategy

Module 3: Analyze

In this module, we assign values to the keywords we’ve harvested as well as lay the foundations of the structure on which we will build our channel

Module 4: Sort

The system and your channel begin to take shape as we build out the strategic structure and position your content to gain the most views and earn the most revenue 

Module 5: Implement

Now we get to the fun part! We jump into the YouTube backend and take all the data we've collected and organized and implement it across your channel, categories and videos

Plus... Bonuses!

  • Expert feedback from Tom
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Bonus Modules and tips
  • Copy of the YouTube Optimization "Bible"

Take a sneak peak inside the Accelerator below (including a case study that will blow your socks off)

What's Inside

Welcome to the YouTube Accelerator
5 mins
BONUS: YouTube Optimization - The Complete Guide
11.6 MB
Keyword Research
8 mins
Seed Keywords
11 mins
Raw Data
44 mins
21 mins
Case Study - Mr. Bean
9 mins
(1h 02m 10s)
Bonus Training - Optimizing For Google
18 mins
Channel Keywords and Upload Defaults
16 mins
Category Keywords
25 mins
Channel Keywords and Upload Defaults
11 mins
Category Defaults
7 mins
Video and Channel Optimization
21 mins
Bonus Training - Automating With Tubebuddy
8 mins
Goodbye ... for now!
1 min

Ready To Show The YouTube Algorithm Who's Boss?

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I'm launching a new YouTube channel – is this right for me?

Absolutely! This is the perfect time to take this course! In fact, we never even launch a YouTube channel now without following this EXACT process. However if you are totally new to YouTube this may be a little full on

My YouTube channel has been going for years – is it too late to implement this system?

Absolutely not! We’ve used this system on channels that are years old and have over 1000 videos and it worked like a charm, transforming their views, subscribers and revenue numbers for the better. A lot better.

Do you guarantee I’ll get a million subscribers if I take this course?

The success of a YouTube channel depends on so many things, such as the quality and consistency of your videos, that it would be impossible for us to guarantee your results after taking this course.

However, numerous channels are reaping the benefits of the system in terms of both results and the time saved by the efficiencies the system brings and we are confident you can see similar results too.

Do I need to pay for any tools in order to be able to implement this system?

There are some tools that we recommend and one tool that is essential in order to carry out the process outlined in the course. However, once enrolled you will receive exclusive and deep discounts on all software we recommend and a free trial of the most important tool so you will not have to spend another cent if you don’t want to.

We will only recommend tools that we use personally and think you will receive more than your full investment back on any small amount spent on our favourite YouTube tools.

Will I get direct access to Tom?

Yes! Absolutely.

Consulting with Tom can cost significant amounts, but you will be provided with access to him which is included in the price of the course.

He'll be spending time in the comments, answering questions and providing direct feedback to make sure you understand all the concepts covered

YouTube changes fast – will the course be updated?

Of course, we still use this system and are actively running YouTube channels.

If anything changes in the way they are using the system you will be the first to know and as a Founder member qualify for free lifetime updates.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

That's right - if you're not 100% satisfied with the course then you can get your money back within 30 days - no questions asked
Buy now - risk free